Permissible Argument From Authority

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I understand your point as well. You are saying that the Bible's influence on our culture has put it on a place of importantce. And because so many people hold it with reverence, it has gained a place of importance, respect, and authority. And within the context of a Christian setting, this is certainly true. Thus, when talking with people within a Christian setting, talking about the Bible is akin to talking to a highly ranked officer when in a military court or the principle at a school.

Thus, whether that officer or principle is in fact worthy of that respect or deference or not, while an important question, has to be handled (from a political point of view) with deference if you intend to gain the attention and respect of those who hold the person/object in question in esteem.

The Bible does not deserve any deference. But if you are talking to Christian who does not understand why this is the case, it might be a good idea to lend deference to it temporarily in order to not have them tune you out immediately. They may tune you out eventually anyway, but adopting a respectful tone to start with is a good idea to gain their attention.

This is how I interpreted the disagreement here; as two sides making valid points, but talking slighlty past one-another. if I'm wrong, well then I say 'eh, so what?'

I'll fight for a person's right to speak so long as that person will, in return, fight to allow me to challenge their opinions and ridicule them as the content of their ideas merit.
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