When Fundies Attack!

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When Fundies Attack!

Postby jhawksgirl » Thu Nov 09, 2006 9:57 am

My husband took me to a doctor's appointment this morning. When we got to the office, the doc was at the hospital dealing with an emergency, so his receptionist suggested we go across the street, to a park, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Yesterday, my DH had went to the grocery store (he's such a good hubby) and, while there, had picked up some "Mini Pringles". When we cracked the bag open, last night, we had some laughs because the mini pringles reminded me of the Catholic host. I had referred to them as "salty little wafers of Christ." They even stick to the roof of your mouth like the host (except, the salt content makes them burn your palatte- like all of the sins you didn't get around to confessing). HA!

Anyway...we're sitting at the park, munching these chips, and chuckling over last night's commentary. Sitting about fifteen feet away, on a blanket, were three, women. They had a few kids between them and seemed to be chatting amongst themselves. Well, I at one point turned to my husband and said, "Body of Christ" and held up a Mini-Pringles. I popped it in his mouth and he said, "AMEN. You know? This would go really well with beer?" I responded with something flippant like, "Well...I suppose beer
would jive better with this host...wine and pringles, eh'...not so much."

At which point, one of the ladies on the blanket turned around and said, "HOW DARE YOU speak so crassly about our Lord's sacrifice!"

The lady she was with said, "I don't find your blasphemy funny at all and I think you should take it elsewhere!"

It wasn't my proudest moment, but I quickly retorted with, "OH. I'm sorry. I didn't realize it was National Eavesdrop Day!"

At which point, fundy #1 said, "The Lord WILL punish you." They then made this big production of gathering up their children and hurrying off to the car.

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Postby Aerik » Fri Nov 10, 2006 8:12 pm

I feel sorry for these people. Wait, no I don't. I feel sorry for the kids they had with them, who will be taught some invisible sky daddy is going to punish them for all sorts of stupid shit.
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